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Turkey is a country of diverse cultural backgrounds; social values, and centuries old traditions still shape the lives of the people. To get a different perspective, or to better understand the culture, past and present, sometimes you have to go off the beaten path...

The places we have been to are unforgettable but the people of Turkey are even a more precious memory...
July 2000, Tyrell & Alicia Grohman

As you travel with us;
  • You will get to know this culture as it is, not only through our eyes. You will learn more about the social traditions and contemporary issues that make today's Turkey. You will get together with locals, and share their point of view.

  • Basic information is anywhere; you can simply google it! We will take you steps ahead of the tour cliché; just looking and hearing. You will get under the skin, live the culture, experience and enjoy the local way.

  • We will take you to backstage. You will not only learn about local arts and crafts, but also get to know the people, and the social and cultural fabric that created them.

  • There is always a plan, but if there is a wedding in the neighborhood, we will not miss that...

  • SRM guides have the knowledge, and experience to understand the needs and expectations of the back door traveler. They are generous in sharing their lives, and they have the rare talent to open the doors to contemporary culture.

  • We may include a variety of cultural activities as part of the overall itinerary; such as 'Abduction from the Seraglio' when performed in the unique atmosphere of Topkapi Palace.

  • You will be staying where the action is. All accommodations are arranged for easy access to the attractions, so you have the chance to get to know the area on your own.

  • You will receive all the assistance you may need on your pre- and post- tour planning.

  • There are no hidden costs, nor extra tours, and no supplement for solo travelers willing to share a room. Once you sign up, unexpected changes in the cost will not affect you.
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