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Istanbul is an unexpected surprise to most visitors. It is a city for all senses, an urban jungle with over twelve million people. This is ancient Byzantium, or Constantinople. This is where Europe meets Asia, or where East and West intersect.
For 1600 years, Istanbul was the capital to two of the world’s greatest empires; Byzantine and Ottoman. It is no longer a state capital, but it is still the historical, cultural, and financial center of Turkey.
Contemporary Istanbul is spread over a large area on both banks of the Bosphorus, in other words, on two continents. European part of the city is densely populated with almost all the action going on. Surrounded by the Byzantine Wall, the peninsula to south of the Golden Horn is known as the “Old Town”, the 3,000 years old historical core of the city.
Itineraries on these pages will help you prioritize the many sights and attractions of this diverse city;

Designed for travelers who prefer to explore Istanbul in depth, and in a more relaxed fashion. Any itinerary can be tailored to your personal interests, needs and expectations, or connected for an exclusive tour of the city.
Tours are available year around.

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Explore Istanbul by foot. Our walking tours go behind the scenes for a unique travel experience. Set days and departures, limited participation.
Tours are available from Apr. thru to end of Oct.

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Private travel services for travelers visiting Istanbul off the cruise ships.
Services available year around.

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