Turkey - off the beaten path
> the Asian Province of Rome

In the Roman times, western part of the country was known as the Asian Province of the empire. On this tour, we introduce the Aegean and Mediterraean Turkey from a different perpective, in a search to better understand the past, and the contemporary...

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> capital cities of Asia Minor

They were sovereign on three continents; the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. They no longer exist, nor Alexander's empire, Kingdom of Pergamon, or the wealthy Lydian Kingdom. But you can trace their permanent shadows in their capital cities...

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> tour of the Black Sea

Travel with us to give it depth, the breathtaking nature and diverse culture of Black Sea Turkey. We get together with locals at mountain villages, listen to the stories of people attached to the sea, and hike in nature to discover Pontic Mountains off the beaten path...

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> tour of East Turkey

Light comes from the East; on this tour you will walk in a maze of history, and explore the rich traditions and cultural thrills of the East...

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> Alexander the Great

Follow the footspteps of Alexander the Great, as he crossed the Dardanelles into Asia Minor with 30.000 spears...

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