Special Interest & Adventure
> seafarers of the Aegean

Sail to ancient destinations, to live a life-style that has been going on much the same for thousands of years. You will be part of the crew as much, or as little as you want. You will become a sailor, an Aegean Seafarer at the end of the tour...

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> hiking tours & trekking <

Taurus Mountains on the Mediterranean, valleys and rock formations of the volcanic Cappadocia region, or the highlands of Pontic Mountains north on the Black Sea...

alternatives & trails
> diving alternatives

Diving sites in Bodrum and Kemer are unequalled on the Aegean and Mediterranean for marine life and visibility, and include reefs, underwater caves, walls, islands, and night dive sites...

alternatives & details
> river rafting

A week long rafting adventure in the Coruh River, through spectacular canyons and fertile valleys, and a dramatic background of rugged mountains...

tour basics & details
> photography

Take time to see behind-the-scene workshops in Istanbul's colorful markets, travel to villages of semi-nomads, photograph locals in their daily routine; farmers working in the fields, elders playing backgammon, children running around to draw your attention...

basics & details
> bird watching

Turkey is a diverse and distinct habitat for wild life; forests to wetlands, alpine to extensive steppes. The country is on an important bird migration route between Europe and Africa...

basics & details
> motorcycle travel

Travel the country on two wheels; get on the back roads for an off the beaten path adventure, to explore rural Turkey via pathways...

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