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A week long rafting adventure in the Coruh River, through spectacular canyons and fertile valleys, and a dramatic background of rugged mountains.
During this adrenalin rush, the level of difficulty may go up to grade 5. In spring months, the river gets higher with snow water and provides grade 4 to 5 rafting. It will definitely get you wet! If you like a more relaxed pace, July is more suitable as the water level decreases. In any case, you need to be a confident swimmer as almost anyone gets a dip in the water now and then.
You will be rafting for 4-5 hours every day, take time to explore the nature, socialize with the locals, and relax in the evenings.
Paddle-boats carry eight rafters and an expert guide that knows the river like the back of his hand. Rafters help power and steer under the guide.
We provide all camping and rafting gear. Staff will shadow you (by land!) and carry the camping equipment. You should not look for luxury, as you will be in the middle of wilderness.

rafting in the Coruh River
  • 8 days, 6 days of rafting - conducted in June and July
  • Starts in Erzurum, ends in the province of Artvin
itinerary details

day 1 - Erzurum --- Arrive in the city; check in, orientation and free time.

day 2 - Erzurum - Ispir - Camliyamac --- We have an early start this morning. As we arrive in Ispir (3600 ft), we get our feet wet and start paddling through the deep granite gorge towards Camliyamac (2700 ft). Approx. 20 miles of paddling today.

day 3 - Camliyamac - Koprugoren --- We will paddle roughly 30 miles today, with a few grade 5 rapids, along with many 3 & 4. In the evening, we will camp by the village of Koprugoren. After dinner, we will gather around the camp fire with villagers, and enjoy the local music and dancing.

day 4 - Koprugoren - Yusufeli --- Today, we will be paddling in the Kackar National Park. Georgian heritage is dense in this part of the valley, and we will have a chance to hike to an early church. In Yusufeli (1500 ft), we will stay at a village pension along the Barhal stream, one of the tributaries of Coruh.

day 5 - Yusufeli - Barhal - Yusufeli --- This morning, we drive to Barhal for a cultural expedition. Later in the day, we will go to lake Sarigol to raft in the Barhal stream, narrower and faster than Coruh. After two hours of paddling, we will in the Coruh again. We will overnight in a village pension.

day 6 - Yusufeli - Demirkent --- Today, we will raft the most exhilarating rapids of our adventure, through the Yusufeli gorge. The grade 4 - 5 rapids of this section hosted the World Rafting Championship back in 1993.

day 7 & 8 - Demirkent - Narlik - Sirya Village --- These two days, you will enjoy a rafting in a more relaxed pace, and spend time with the locals. The adventure ends in the Sirya village of Artvin province.

Itinerary can be re-designed to your travel plans and expectations...
tour dates;
  • June & July - on demand
Itinerary can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans
and expectations...



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