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the seafarers of the Aegean --- Sail to ancient destinations, to live a life-style that has been going on much the same for thousands of years. You will be part of a sailing experience on the ancient trade route, to discover the shores of Aegean Turkey like no other contemporary visitor.
We can not say the idea is new; the route was a beaten path two thousand years ago. Odysseus had to tie himself to his boat’s mast to overcome the temptation of sirens, so bring a rope along.
Your experience will not be limited to swimming and sunbathing in coves where you see countless tour boats. You will be part of the crew, as much, or as little as you want. You will become a sailor, an Aegean Seafarer at the end of the tour.
Our boat is a traditional gulet, also powered by a diesel engine, but with the prevailing winds, sails will be the medium to cruise. You will have private cabins and facilities, but do not expect waiters in white gloves.
Diverse activities include sailing, fishing, snorkeling, hiking and sight-seeing. Wake up before sunrise, if you wish, and get ready for snorkeling. With the right bait and setline, dinners may be a feast with Dusky Sea Perch, Sea Bass or Eel. As we sail, our spinner will be in the water for the catch of the day.

the seafarers of the Aegean
  • 10 nights & 11 days - tour starts in Istanbul, ends in Bodrum
  • No previous sailing experience is required, nor necessary
tour highlights
  • Off the beaten path locations, non-touristy, attractive fishing villages of the Aegean
  • Gallipoli Peninsula, stage of a fierce battle during WW1
  • Legendary Troy in Homer's epic, the Illiad
  • Tenedos Island, shelter for the Greek fleet hiding from the Trojans
  • Assos and the Temple of Athena, Aristotle’s favorite spot at sunset!
  • Hellenistic Pergamon that rivaled Athens' Acropolis
  • Aesclepion, ancient medical center dedicated to god Apollo
  • Cunda Island, gourmet seafood capital of Aegean Turkey
  • Ayvalik, land of olive groves and old, stately houses, for locals and swallows
  • Ancient Ephesus, capital city of the Asian Province of Rome
  • Bodrum, or ancient Halicarnassus, hometown of historian Herodotus
  • Bodrum Castle, home to the outstanding Museum of Underwater Archaeology
included are
  • Basic sailing and seamanship training [click here for details and curriculum]
  • Accommodations in centrally located hotels for 2 nights, in Istanbul and Canakkale
  • Accommodation on board the boat for 8 nights
  • All breakfasts, 8 lunches and 3 dinners - bottled water in all provided meals
  • All tips, including your guide and driver - excludes gratitude for boat crew
  • All excursions, entrance fees to sites and museums listed in the itinerary
  • Pre- & post-tour consultancy

itinerary details

day 1 - Istanbul --- Welcome get-together and tour introduction, followed by our first dinner together.
Overnight in Istanbul

day 2 - Canakkale --- on the way to Asia Minor -
Drive to Gallipoli and visit WW1 war fields and memorials. Here we will learn about the fierce trench battle that changed the run of history, and led to birth of three nations. We will then cross the Dardanelles, from Europe to Asia. Welcome to Asia Minor!
Overnight in Canakkale - Driving: 5 hours - Walking: 2 hours

day 3 - Bozcaada (Tenedos) --- in search of the Greek fleet -
Today we will visit Homer's Troy. Troy was a strategic stronghold on the naval route through the straits. This was where boats anchored, to wait for the right wind to sail up north, against the merciless current of the Dardanelles.
We will then take a ferry to Tenedos, to get to our boat. Tenedos Island is mentioned in the Iliad and Odyssey, as the hiding place of the Greek fleet during the legendary Trojan War. We will overnight in the shade of a castle from Phoenician times.
Overnight aboard our boat - Driving: 1 hour - Cruising: 1 hour

day 4 - Assos --- a Doric Temple for the sunset -
Sail south in the dawn to Assos. This is where St. Paul and St. Luke met, and 300 years before them, Aristotle taught for three years. 1,000 feet above sea level, the Temple of Athena stands like a watchtower overlooking the Aegean. We will enjoy the view and watch the sunset from this temple.
Overnight on board - Saling: 4 hours - Hiking: 2 hours

day 5 - Ayvalik --- pass an olive branch -
Enjoy the waters of the Aegean, Lesbos on one side, and Gulf of Edremit on the other. We will sail with the morning breeze, till we arrive at Cunda, an old Greek village.
We will then take a van to ancient Pergamon, home of Altar of Zues.
In the afternoon, we will stroll the back streets of Ayvalik, and have a local fish dinner in Cunda Island.
Overnight on board - Sailing: 2 hours - Driving: 3 hours - Hiking: 2 hours

day 6 - Nergiz Bay --- sound of silence -
Leave Ayvalik for Karaada early in the morning. As we sail south, we will try to catch the north-south current. We will try to fish as well. In the afternoon, we will start to feel the prevailing west wind of the Aegean. We will sail past the island of Chios to Nergiz Bay, a lovely, tranquil inlet.
Overnight on board - Sailing: all day, 8 to 10 hours

day 7 - Kusadasi --- the port of ancient Ephesus -
Running free along the Aegean. We will focus on backwind sailing today, and learn how to cope with the howling wind, like the ancient mariners 3,000 years ago.
Overnight on board - Sailing: 6 to 7 hours

day 8 - Kusadası --- Romans, citizens, lend me your ears! -
In the Roman times, Ephesus was one of the largest metropolitans of the world. It was the capital city of the empire's Asian Province. We will be walking the streets that several renowned personalities walked; such as Anthony and Cleopatra... You will see the theater building where St. Paul preached, and the Celcius library, masterpiece of Roman architecture. We will also visit the so-called terrace houses, homes of the Roman jetset at the time.
Overnight in a tranquil bay by the Dilek Strait, the narrow channel between Turkey and Samos, Greece.
Overnight on board - Walking: 4 hours

day 9 - Bodrum --- Halicarnassus, the blue liberty -
Through the Dilek Strait, we will sail to Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus. We will stroll the streets of this attractive resort town, and stop by the ruins of the Mausoleum. We will then visit the Castle of St. Peter, built as a crusader stronghold in early 1400s. Today it houses the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, one of the best of its kind in the world. It has an exciting setting, and an outstanding exhibition of artifacts, as a result of thousands of dives.
Overnight in a cove named after its crystal clear waters, the aquarium.
Overnight on board - Sailing: 6 hours - Walking: 3 hours

day 10 - Bodrum --- the ancient sailors -
We will sail from one bay to the other, dolphins leading the way; just like the ancient sailors...

day 11 - We will say “till we meet again” to one another after breakfast, and move on to our destinations...

* itinerary can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans and expectations...
tour dates;
  • on demand, May thru Sept.
* itinerary can be re-designed to your specifications, travel plans
and expectations...

* the seafarers of the Aegean requires minimum 8 travelers to operate, and a maximum of 14 travelers is allowed.



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