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the seafarers of the Aegean --- Basic sailing and seamanship training curriculum for tour participants;

Included as part of your tour is a free "Basic Sailing and Seamanship" training. While you can get full advantage of this curriculum, you may also choose to not follow the schedule and rather chill on deck to enjoy the Aegean. The crew will be available anytime...

day 4 - Bozcaada to Assos:
Parts of a sailboat
Special terms and specialized equipment (bow, ropes, shackles, fenders, etc.)
Anatomy of a boat (mainsails, jib, boom, keel)
Types of boats according to building material (GRP, wooden, aluminum)
Types of boats according to sails (sloop, ketch, cutter)
Our gulet

day 5 - Assos to Ayvalik:
Introduction to sailing
Important knots (to make a bowline, clove hitch, hangman's knot)
Handle and coil a rope (heaving a line, cleating rope)
Wind, apparent and true wind (Bernoulli's principle)
How sails work, angle to the wind (no-go area, close-hauled, close reach, beam reach, broad reach, running)

day 6 - Ayvalik to Cesme:
Setting the sails
Proper rigging and setting up of the mainsail and jib
Close-hauled sailing; tacking, leeway, tell-tales
Fastest point of sailing, reaching
Downwind sailing, gybing, cruising chutes

day 7 - Cesme to Kusadasi:
Mooring and docking
How to anchor, choice of anchor
Arrivals and departures
Fenders, buoys

day 8 - Kusadasi:
How to use a compass and deviations
Positioning, bearing fix, lighthouses
Using a chart, chart symbols, plotting instruments and tools
GPS and electronic charts

day 9 - Kusadasi to Bodrum:
Weather forecast, visual clues (clouds, jet contrails, etc.)
Wave types
Meltemi and downdrafts
Reading a forecast

Miscellaneaous related topics to be covered thru the days:
Secrets of seafarers
Safety on board
Basics of snorkeling
Survival on board
Fishing (make a fishing line, find your bait)
Aegean cooking

Itinerary and curriculum are subject to change
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